How would you describe your photography style?

My hope is that when you encounter my work you’ll see love, fun, emotion, and real life. My sessions are documentary and story-telling in nature, and are mostly non-scripted and genuine. These aren’t posed and you won’t hear me asking you to smile for the camera, and although I’m happy to grab a few of these type of shots at the beginning of a session, the remainder of our time is about documenting your beautiful life just as it is.

How does a documentary or story-telling session work? Do I have to plan my own session?

We meet together prior to your photo shoot to plan our day and talk through what types of activities photograph well. We keep a general game plan in mind as we head into the day and then go where life takes us. We talk throughout the session and I play with your kids to help draw out some of their natural expressions, but most of the time it’s just you and your sweet family enjoying your time together. (And what if your child is having a hard time on the day of the photo shoot? Then we document the sweet way you rock him or the way you stroke away her tears…real is beautiful and I can guarantee that you’ll love those images, too!)

What type of activities would you suggest for a full day session?

Depending on the length of your session I may arrive before everyone is up to document breakfast time and getting ready for the day. I normally suggest one morning activity that you can all do together as a family. We’ll then spend time with each child and you as a couple, doing fun things that you love, and then another full-family activity toward the end of the day. Baking, playing cars, play dough, board games are some of my clients’ favorite activities.

But what if my life isn’t as beautiful as the images I see on your website?

I long for people to realize the beauty in their everyday lives, and my style of photography does just that. There’s no need to pretend things are perfect or easy. Some days are beautiful, and we should celebrate that. Some days are hard, and we should not shrink away. Posing and fake smiles are not my thing, but capturing natural and authentic relationships, and highlighting beauty between children and their families is where I thrive.

How can I prepare for my family’s session?

I recommend talking to your entire family about the session before the day of the shoot. It’s important for all of the kids and adults to realize that this is not a typical photo shoot where we stop and smile for the camera, but a fun and laid back family day, and I’ll be along to photograph you as you go. Although there is no need to have your house perfectly decorated and immaculately clean, if you feel that something may be distracting to you when you look back at the images (like a large pile of unfolded clothes or a messy kitchen), feel free to take care of it beforehand.

How can I book a session with you?

It’s simple! Just email me at, via my contact page on this site, or on facebook and we’ll find a time and date that works. I normally book one month in advance.

How can I find out more about your photography style and look through more pictures to make sure you’re the right photographer for us?

Please feel free to look around! You can check out my Highlights page or scroll through recent blog posts to see what typical sessions are like.

Can I get the digital images of my session?

Absolutely! The digital photo files can be purchased from a password protected website after your session and downloaded directly to your computer. Digital packages start at $400.

Why do I pay for the sitting fee and the digital files/prints separately?

I like to offer people options. Not all my clients hope for digitals, and not all clients want prints, so after paying for the session you have the option of purchasing either digitals and/or prints,. There is a $500 total minimum to book me as your photographer.

Can you offer suggestions of locations for the shoot and give me ideas about what I should wear?

I love photographing clients in locations that are most important to them, and this most often means in their own home. We want your children to feel comfortable and the most like themselves, and we want to document their life just as it is. At times I photography families in wide open outdoor locations because kids love to run and families can explore, and these moments photograph so well. In regards to clothing, I advise that my clients to think “coordinating” rather than “matchy-matchy,” and to choose 2-3 main colors and one accent color to play off of, depending on the size of your family. I want you to feel comfortable, like yourselves, and relaxed. I recommend steering clear from shirts with large logos or writing on them, as they tend to be visually distracting in images.

Do you offer classes or one-on-one mentoring?

I really enjoy offering my “learning to shoot” photography 101 and 201 classes throughout the year. Feel free to follow me on facebook for announcements about class openings. I also am available for one-on-one or one-on-two photography mentoring…just email me to discuss the details!

Do you travel out of Las Cruces/El Paso for photo shoots?

I do! When I’m not in Las Cruces or El Paso I’m often found photographing families in my hometown of Tucson. Name the right location and cover the travel and I just might join you! 🙂

How can I contact you?

Email at, use my contact page on this website, or on facebook. Talk to you soon!

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