Las Cruces Adoption Photographer

As many of you know, our family was shaped, formed, moved, and rocked because of the addition of two wonderful kids. We were young and idealistic when we first started contemplating growing our family through adoption. How incredible it must be to bring a child into a family, we thought. We contemplated how amazing to provide a home, to give love, and help a child belong. Our experience was so limited back then. But we knew what God had called us to. And we knew His strength would be sufficient for the roads we would walk. We were right. He would provide. He would create a family. We would be more blessed than we could ever imagine because of these girls. Yes, we would struggle and be challenged, but we would stand and say it was worth the struggle and the challenge. We would never, ever change the decision we made. We are now different people.

I’ll never cease to be amazed at how God creates families through adoption. Separate people, living separate lives, and somehow a new family comes into being. I was so thankful to photograph the adoption of this sweet little one. I pray that you will have strength to love well, to give selflessly, to weather the storms, and grow together. Congratulations on legally becoming the family you already are. Happy Adoption Day!

Your Las Cruces Adoption Photographer

Las Cruces Adoption Photographer
Las Cruces Adoption Photographer
Las Cruces Adoption Photographer