What is birth photography?

Birth photography is a beautiful genre of documentary photography. It allows a photographer to be present in the room during the birth of your child, documenting the journey of labor and delivery.

How can I book you, not knowing when my baby will be born?

Because babies most often come when they please I take only one birth client at a time, reserving the two weeks before and after your scheduled due date so that I can keep myself available when your baby makes his or her appearance. I’m happy to join you any time of day (or night) to help you welcome your baby into the world.

What type of shots do you take during a birth session?

Just as in my family documentary work I strive for beautiful and emotion-filled images. I love to watch for the relationship between parents, family, and their little one, ensuring that I can showcase that love and joy in my images. Taking detail shots of the room, bags, equipment, and baby clothes are part of my style and I love to include that in birth galleries. During the final stages of pushing I shoot from the side or mother’s head to ensure privacy and comfort for all those involved.

Can you photograph c-sections?

Each hospital and physician may have a different set of policies and comfort with the photographing of c-sections. I have been privileged to do so in the past and love photographing the first peek of the baby right after delivery.

What if I don’t want a birth session but would love to have you take natural and real pictures following the birth while we’re still in the hospital?

48 Hour sessions are a wonderful way to bridge the gap between birth and home sessions. 48 Hour sessions take place in the hospital, anywhere between two hours and 48 hours after giving birth. These are documentary in nature, capturing those first few moments of bonding time between parents and baby, and I’m happy to take a few “smiling for the camera” pictures during these sessions, as well.

I see that a documentary maternity or 1st-Month documentary session is included in birth packages. What are those sessions like?

I’m so happy to include your choice of one of these sessions with all birth packages. It’s so incredibly worth remembering the way you felt before baby made his/her arrival, the excitement of anticipation and the wonder at how life will change; and the first few weeks after baby comes are filled with so much intense love and connection…and having pictures of these early days will always help you feel those crazy, wonderful emotions. Both sessions are documentary in nature, meaning that although we give a little planning beforehand, these are candid moments that I’ll capture in a beautiful and artful manner.

How can I book a session with you?

It’s simple! Just email me at contact@yvettehammonds.com, via my contact page on this site, or on facebook. I normally schedule births three months in advance.

How can I find out more about your photography style and look through more pictures to make sure you’re the right photographer for us?

Please feel free to look around! You can check out my Highlights page or scroll through recent blog posts.

Can I get the digital images of my session?

Absolutely! The digital photo files can be purchased from a password protected website after your session and downloaded directly to your computer. Digital packages start at $400.

Why do I pay for the sitting fee and the ditigal files/prints separately?

I like to offer people options. Not all my clients hope for digitals, and not all clients want prints, so after paying for the session you have the option of purchasing either digitals and/or prints,. There is a $500 total minimum to book me as your photographer.

Do you offer classes or one-on-one mentoring?

I really enjoy offering my “learning to shoot” photography 101 and 201 classes throughout the year. Feel free to follow me on facebook for announcements about class openings. I also am available for one-on-one or one-on-two photography mentoring…just email me to discuss the details!

How can I contact you?

Email at contact@yvettehammonds.com, use my contact page on this website, or on facebook. Talk to you soon!